Thursday, 19 March 2015

Toners (Garnier V Neutrogena)

 photo garnier_neutrogena_pure_active_cleansing_lotion_toner_zps12a45743.jpg

Whenever Boots have their 3 for 2 sale I tend to stock up on the products that I use the most; things like shampoo, face wash, face powder and toner etc so I don't ever really run out of those things. Recently though, I did run out of my favourite Neutrogena Toner and so I had to pick one up. I couldn't find my it but since I absolutely love the Garnier Pure Active face wash I decided to pick up the corresponding toner which claims to help your skin feel clean and purified as well as fade marks and fight spots.

 photo garnier_pure_active_spot_purifying_toner_zps241bfb5e.jpg

I don't normally like to switch up a product once I have found one that I like and that I feel works well for me but I expected to really like this new toner. It smells really nice and I feel like it does what you would expect from a toner but it then leaves my face feeling incredibly oily and greasy for a very long time after I used it. My skin also looked oily which isn't something I want to be left with at all, especially right after I have cleaned my face! I decided I would try to finish the bottle as not to waste it but I just can't stand how it leaves my skin feeling and can't bring myself to use it again.

 photo neutrogena_visibly_clear_spot_stress_control_toner_zpsc11041f6.jpg

So now I'm back to my favourite Neutrogena one which doesn't leave my skin feeling gross/oily but instead leaves it feeling refreshed and clean. On the nights I am feeling lazy, I sometimes use this to remove my makeup and on those occasions I like to use this twice to be sure I'm removing as much as I can but whenever I do, this toner burns. like. hell. Other than that though, this is and will remain my favourite!

Have you used this toner? Did you find the same problems with it that I did? What is your favourite toner to use?

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