Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts

Since I have started to work out more often recently, I inevitably seem to have constantly sore muscles in some part of my body or the other and particularly, sore knees. So I decided I would try Epsom Salts because I know they are meant to be good for sore muscles and joints and thought maybe this would help with the soreness I feel after I work out. My problem was that I wasn't sure where to actually get any Epsom Salts but then between deciding I wanted some and actually researching where I could pick some up, I was in Debenhams and just happened spot these bath salts from Dead Sea Spa Magik.

Dead Sea Spa Magik is a brand that I have used once before and liked, so I decided to try their version instead. I bought the 1kg bag for £5.50 which I didn't think was too pricey but there was also a smaller bag for £3.50 if you'd be more interested in that. As you can see above, you literally just sprinkle a handful of the salts into your bath and soak depending on exactly what you're using the salts for. I am a little confused about the amount you should use for aching joints and muscles though.. I've just been adding a couple of handfuls to my bath while its running but I have no idea if that is right. I was a bit worried that the salts would all be at the bottom of my bath and be annoying but by the time the bath has finished running and you get in, all the salts are dissolved and I didn't feel any. I was hoping the salts would be scented but they literally just smell like salt, although you can't smell them at all once they're in your bath water.

I find that this is the type of product where it's hard to tell how effective it actually is because I have no way of knowing how achy I would or wouldn't have been had I not used the salts. I haven't noticed much difference though (although, who knows if two handfuls is actually the amount I should be using?) in how much I ache after a work out but I have found that these salts leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth which is a nice result all on its own.

Have you tried these bath salts? What did you think? They have sparked my interest into the Dead Sea Spa Magik brand! You can also buy their products in Holland and Barrett. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Favourites

Bit of a different Friday Favourites from me this week, I'm throwing in a couple of non-beauty related things that I have been loving recently too!

Primark Neon Pink PS Polish - I've only just talked about this on my blog a few days ago (click here to see it on) but I just had to mention it again in a favourites because I'm still loving the super bright colour of it and I'm still impressed with how good it is when it only cost £1!

Twistbands - I know twistbands were a huge craze last year but I've been using them since then and I'm still loving them. They're much more comfortable in your hair and don't snag as much as your standard hair bands do. I'm still finding them pretty hard to get in the UK though (I made the ones in the picture myself) but I know Accessorize sold them not too long ago but they were pretty pricey.. I'm waiting for Primark to maybe bring out a cheaper take on them!

Caudalie Hand Lotion - I picked this up as part of a set with one of the Caudalie lip balms and was surprised at how much I liked it, along with the lip balm which I also really liked! It's one of the most quick drying hand lotions I have ever used and since I tend not to use hand creams too often because I hate the sticky feeling that they leave behind, this one is perfect for me.

Infused Water - Infused water is everywhere lately and it's right here too! I just fill a jar/mug with water and stick in a few lemon/lime slices (cherries or cucumber are some other variations I like to do). I find that after a while the lemon or lime start to curl up and then I just switch it out for some new slices. You can put pretty much anything you want into your water but I found that strawberries seem to go mushy really quickly..

Mangajo - I randomly came across these 'detoxing green teas' in Waitrose and fell in love with them! They come in lots of flavours (click here to check them out) but my favourite is the Sicilian Lemon Presse flavour. I'm not a huge fan of iced tea (or even fizzy drinks for that matter) but the taste of it in these is very subtle. They also come in glass bottles which are a non-fizzy alternative but with a motto of 'Happy Healthy Days', you feel like you're drinking something good!

What have you been loving recently?

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