Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cuticle Care!

I don't push my cuticles back, it makes me feel sick (anyone else?) which means most of the time I am usually left with pretty messy looking manicure. So, I decided I would try some products which are made for your cuticle area to see if they could at least make them look a little better. 

You can grab this at Boots for £8.99

The first one I tried was by Essie and is a product I'd been wanting to get my hands on for a while. I like the nail polish style application on this one since it is literally of an oil consistency which it makes it easy to apply. I don't know if I would say this smells like apricot but the smell itself is pleasant. I just dab a bit of this on each cuticle and then rub it in, Essie says to then gently push back your cuticles but I obviously skip this step and instead just let it soak into my skin for a while before washing my hands or wiping it off (I find this does leave your fingers very oily until you wipe it off, it doesn't ever fully soak into your skin). As a result, my cuticles look softer and seem to blend in with my skin more making them a little less noticeable and easier to work with when I'm painting my nails. 

LUSH £6.50

Next I tried 'Lemony Flutter' by LUSH, a product which is called a cuticle butter but which also suggests using on ANY area of hard skin you may have. This has a pretty strong lemon/citrus scent which at first I really like but then gives off an odd after smell which I'm not too keen on but not off-putting enough for me to not want to use the product. In the tub it's an extremely thick consistency and this time I simply scoop some out with my finger, place it onto my cuticle area and rub it in. At first this one is more like a lotion but quickly melts into a more oily product. This again doesn't fully absorb into your skin and I always have to wipe it off when I'm done. My cuticles are left looking soft and neater just like with the Essie one. I don't have dry elbows or heels (which this would be perfect for) but have used this on my knuckles which worked really well. If you do buy this with the idea in mind of just using it on your cuticles like I did, I don't see how you could ever finish this entire pot!

So basically, I love both this products, I can't fault either of them and can't choose which is my favourite!
What is your favourite cuticle treatment?

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Nails Of The Week #NOTW

Hey guys! I'm doing something a little different today and instead of a NOTD post showing you the single nail polish I'm wearing, I thought I would share with you the polishes that wore over the course of the week!

First is Essie's 'Miss Fancy Pants' which as you can see is a grey/taupe colour. I love the Essie polishes that come with the wider brush because they make applying the polish so much easier and neater (I find). I'm not sure how in love I am with the colour of this one though, I don't really find myself looking down at my nails an loving it whenever I have it on. 

Then was 'Lychee' from the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly collection. I don't know about you but I find milky/pastel colours like this hard and streaky to apply and usually don't like how they look around the edges of the fingernail but overall I thought this one dried pretty smoothly. I'm not sure how shiny I would say this is though, definitely no more shiny than any of my other polishes.

Then was 'Jamaica Me Crazy' by Essie. I really like this polish (not sure I can say the picture does it much justice). It's a deep magenta/purple colour with a pretty shimmer running through it. Click here for another look at this polish.

Finally is OPI's 'Tickle My France-y' which is a new polish in my collection but one I can already tell is going to be one of my go to colours which I reach for when I want something on my nails but can't decide what. As you can tell from the picture it dries darker on the nail (I have two coats on) than it looks in the bottle, I kind of wish it didn't and stayed more true to the colour you see but I still really like it either way.

Seems like I had a thing for nudes this time around but what have you been wearing this week?

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