Sunday, 20 April 2014

My First Lush Bath Bombs!

Hey lovelies, Happy Easter!
If you have read much of my blog lately, it's clear to see I'm currently going through a slight (more than slight) obsession with Lush and my most recent purchases, which I had never tried before, were a few of their bath bombs or 'bath ballistics'. I spent a pretty long time in the shop, as I always do, sniffing everything to see which items I like the best and I ended up with these four!

Fluffy Egg - (Part of the Easter collection) I bought this one because I loved the smell of it in the shop and it doesn't disappoint once dissolved into your bathwater either and leaves it a pretty vibrant pink colour. I've since gone back to Lush and picked up a couple more of these because I'm expecting them to be gone pretty soon and love them!

Space Girl - For some reason this one has never really appealed to me but I liked the smell of it and so ended up with it in my basket. Apparently it contains popping candy but had I not read that on the description, I would never have known. Space Girl leaves your bath a purple/pink colour but most importantly it leaves it smelling amazing - I didn't want to use any other bath products in case they masked the smell of it! I also found this one to be one of the more stronger/long lasting smelling bath bombs that I've tried so far.

Secret Garden - While I think this is one of the prettier bath bombs that Lush do (in general appearance and in the way it looks whilst dissolving), I was pretty disappointed. Mine just didn't seem to end up quite as pretty in my bath water as what I have seen in pictures over on Instagram, it also ended up under the running water, so I had to push it out of the way which messed up any pretty-ness that it had made. When I first put this one in, the water just looked dirty but after a while it ended up being quite a deep green colour and it left little flower petals floating about. I expected them to clog the plug or for me to have to wash them all away but they did flow easily away with the rest of the water. The biggest disappointment though was that there was NO smell at all once I put this one into my bath.. So this one was a waste of money for me!

Sakura - I wasn't expecting too much colour wise from this one as after I had bought it I saw other people say it doesn't really change the colour of your water - which it doesn't. Sakura has the same scent as their Rub Rub Rub scrub, which was pretty strongly scented and I could smell it on my skin after I got out. So scent wise, this one is good but colour wise it doesn't do anything!

Do you call them bath bombs or bath ballistics? Which are your favourites from Lush?

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring Time Pastels

OPI - You're Such a Budapest, OPI - Pink Friday, Essie - Pink A Boo 

The sun is shining and my favourite flowers are in bloom, so even though we have officially been in spring for a while now, it's finally starting to feel like spring too. I definitely reach for pastels and bright colours when the weather warms up but I can never go too long without reverting back to a dark purple or maroon colour on my nails, even in the middle of summer. I do enjoy digging through my collection to find the lighter or brighter shades I wouldn't normally wear during the winter though and always look forward to see which pastel shades nail polish brands bring out each year!

What are you favourite colours to wear when the sun is shining?

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

NOTD: Barry M - Birthday Superdrug

Hey guys! Well I'm sure you have heard that it is Superdrug's 50th birthday and to celebrate Barry M have joined up with them and created this new polish.

I first saw pictures of this polish a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, I wasn't very keen on it but I decided I would still pick it up in order to not face disappointment later wishing that I had since it's a special edition. On first application (last night) I still wasn't very impressed - it applied pretty sheer and the glitters/sequins were a pain to get even on my nail but once I had applied the second coat, it all started to come together. The glitters were more evenly spaced and it didn't look at all sheer. Then in the daylight today, I noticed what a pretty deep pink colour the base colour is and that the polishe catches the light beautifully. I just constantly kept looking down at my nails all day!

So I've come to the conclusion that this is one of those polishes that just doesn't photograph very well and that you need to see for yourself on your own nails to see how pretty it really is. I'm glad I decided to pick this up and it was only £2.99!

Have you/will you be grabbing yourself a bottle of this polish too?

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