Sunday, 30 December 2012

Small haul

I don't usually like sale shopping but we decided to go this year and I thought I would show you the few things that I picked up. I didn't pick up any clothes which is usually what I tend to buy the most but I did get a couple of other things

Thierry Mugler Angel perfume - Orig £44 in Boots (I had a £5 off voucher and £10 gift card)
Necklace from Accessorize - £12
MAC soft and gentle mineralized skin finish - £21.50
Acetone from Sally - around £3.50
Miss Soleil razors - £1.99 from Boots and £1.49 from Superdrug

Did you pick up anything good in the sales?

Friday, 21 December 2012

Nip + Fab lip butter trio disappointment!

After recently using and really liking the Nip + Fab pistachio body butter (review here), I decided to buy and try out their lip butters when I saw them in Sainsbury's recently. I had high hopes for them and at the time they were 1/3 off making them £3.33 - bargain!

As you can see the lip butters come in little pots and are in cherry tarte, coconut latte and mango smoothie. As soon as I had paid for them, I quickly opened them up because I was so eager to smell them and at the time they seemed perfectly fine. I then bought them home and left them on my bedroom floor, in the box and bag until I was ready to put them away. However, when I did go to put them away and opened the cherry tarte one to use it, I was met with a really runny and gloopy mess and after checking the other two, found they had all done the same thing.

I didn't keep them these by any form of heat and since I opened them when I bought them knew they were okay and that this isn't how they are supposed to be. I have no idea what happened to them but it's a huge disappointment!

I've since put them in the fridge to see if it hardens them up and while they're not as runny, they still aren't solid and pretty much unusable. It makes a mess when you try to get some out and the products feels like putting greasy water on your lips and slides right off. They smell really nice (although the 'mango' one reminds me more of a melon scent than it does mango) but other than that I can't comment on how well they work and right now they are not what I would consider to be 'lip butters'. 

Have you tried these lip butters? Has anyone else had the same thing happen?

Sunday, 16 December 2012


I have used up a lot of products recently and have been saving them for a while now to write a blog post on.

Sally Hansen nail polish remover // Collection 2000 illuminating touch concealer // V05 'Gloss me smoothly' shampoo // Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast mascara // T-Zone nose pore strip // Tresemme split remedy shampoo and conditioner // pure argan oil // Charlie 'Black' perfume // Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat // Johnson's baby shampoo // Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' perfume // Eau De Iceberg perfume // Neautogena visibly clear spot stress control cleansing lotion // Bath and Body works 'Cherry blossom' lotion // Balance Me 'Rose otto' lip balm // Bath and Bodyworks 'Country chic' bodyspray

Sure 'Cotton' deodorant // 2 x Garnier pure active deep pore unclogging facial wash // Sure 'Radiant' deodorant // Listerine 'Clean mint' mouthwash // Oral B 3D white toothpaste // Umberto Giannini sleek and chic keep it straight conditioner

Phew! That was a lot!
What have you finished up recently?

Friday, 7 December 2012

NOTD: Barry M - Lilac foil

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm not really a fan of metallic polishes but I have a bit of a soft spot for Lilac foil because of the colour. It's a still a bit streaky, like I find with most metallic polishes, but the silver micro-shimmer in this one from far away makes it look like a pale icy lilac colour which I think is really pretty and perfect for these cold winter months!

Do you like metallic polishes, which are your favouites??

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nip + Fab pistachio sundae body butter

Nip + Fab isn't a brand I know very much about but I heard about this body butter a while back and was intrigued by it. Firstly by the colour of it and secondly by the fact that it's pistachio and I really was curious to see what it smelt like. It has a very strong, indulgent smell, the kind of smell that makes you want to eat it. I do really like the smell but I think it could be pretty sickly if you were to use this all over your body (I only using it on my legs).

I'm always on the look out for hand creams and body lotions that dry really quickly because I hate the sticky feeling they leave on your skin and was hoping this wouldn't disappoint me and be one of those and it definitely isn't, I was really surprised at how quickly this dries and that my legs weren't left feeling greasy or sticky. The thick green lotion blends into your skin really nicely.

I noticed they do a couple of other scents in their body butter range which I will definitely also pick up and try to see if they are as indulgent as this one. 

This 50ml pot of body butter is the mini version which is sold in Boots for £2.95 (they also do a larger pot).
Have you tried this body butter or anything else by Nip + Fab?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Burt's Bees mango butter lip balm

I've been a fan of Burt's bees for a few years now and when I heard that they do a mango lip balm, I instantly wanted to try it. A few days after hearing about it, I received a trio gift set of their balms for my birthday and one of them happened to be the mango one! 

If you've used the original Burt's bees balm then you'll know they have the minty, tingly feeling to them when they're on your lips but this one doesn't at all, it's just a smooth, hydrating, clear lip balm which has a hint of mango to it. I personally would like the mango to be a bit stronger but if you're someone who doesn't like strong/overpowering scents then you will like this.

I was given this at the end of October and I'm already almost half way through it because I like it and have been using it so much!

Have you tried this lip balm?
Do you like Burt's Bees products?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

US Haul.. Kind of.

I feel like calling this a 'US Haul' is cheating in a way because I haven't actually been to the US since last year. Instead, the boy went to Target for me with a list of things I gave him and then mailed them over to me.

A couple of these things are actually gifts for people (which is why there are so many lip balms). I actually asked him to pick up another Dream Bouncy Blush for me too but when I received it, it had been opened so I don't think I'm going to use it and for that reason, didn't include it in the picture. We can't get the twisty stick version of the cherry Carmex in the UK, so I asked him to get some of those for me and he told me that these only cost $1, that's around 62p! 

EOS lip balms in sweet mint and lemon drop
CoverGirl lash blast volume mascara
Maybelline dream bouncy blush in coffee cake
Carmex cherry lip balm
Maybelline Baby lips in cherry me, quenched and pink punch
Sonia Kashuk hidden agenda concealer palette 
EOS Alice in Wonderland trio

What would be the first products you would grab from America?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Current beauty wants!

1. Soap and Glory - Scrub your nose in it 
2. L'Oreal - Mythic oil - I'm currently sitting here with a pure argan oil in my hair before I wash it but so far I haven't really seen too much improvement with it and have heard lots of good things about the Mythic oil, so I want to try that one next!
3. Models Own - Utopia
4. Essie - Eternal Optimist - I missed out on this when it was being sold for £1.99 on CheapSmells so I'm now trying to get my hands on it!
5. Thierry Mugler - Angel perfume I used the sample of Angel that was in this month's Glamour magazine and at first I didn't really like it but then I found myself constantly smelling my wrist and really liking the scent!

Have you tried any of these products?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pure argan oil

I have always had very dry, dull hair and lately I have been experimenting with hair oils to see if it can sort my hair out and make it softer/shinier. So when I was contacted by the people at Mevrea to test out their pure argan oil, I was excited to try it!

When the sample arrived I was a bit confused because it came in roller ball form and I wanted to use it on my hair. I knew that because it's pure argan oil that I could also use it on my skin, so I started to roller ball it onto my elbows and knees to see if it made my skin soft but after reading through the leaflet that came with the sample, I saw it could be used as a pre-shampoo treatment and decided to start using it in that way instead.

I started to apply this onto my hair around an hour before washing it to give it a chance to soak in. I then washed, dried and styled my hair as I normally would. My hair felt softer but I didn't see a massive difference. I would be more interested to see how this works on my hair with continuous use to see if I noticed any bigger changes to my hair and how it feels.

I also tried applying this to dry hair; either through the ends hoping to add shine or running a teeny amount over my hair to try and tackle my crazy fly aways. I noticed you need to use a very light hand when applying it to dry hair and need to use the tiniest amount otherwise you're left with incredibly greasy looking hair (although this is a problem with almost all hair oils).

Have you tried pure argan oil?
If you would like to check out Mevrea's website and read more about the benefits of using a pure argan oil, you can do so by clicking here. Their oil starts at £19.95 for 100ml


Thursday, 25 October 2012

25 things you might not know about me tag!

After seeing so many #bbloggers say how they always enjoy to read 'About Me' pages on blogs and getting to know the person behind the blog, I've wanted to make an about me type of page but then I saw this tag floating around and decided to do it this way instead!

1. I'm a fussy eater. I wish I wasn't but I am.
2. I HATE being late but when I am I refuse to rush and get flustered.
3. I have never dyed or done anything with my hair.
4. I've never really wanted to get married.
5. I didn't finish high school. I have anxiety/panic disorder and had a breakdown when I was 15. This isn't
something I will probably ever talk in detail about on my blog though.
6. One of my favourite places in the world is a town called Redbank in New Jersey.
7. I pretty much live my life by the Desiderata poem  and 'If you compare yourself with others you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be lesser and greater persons than yourself' is one of my all time favourite quotes.
8. I absolutely love cherries and cherry flavoured things.
9. I hate when it rains and the fronts of my jeans get wet.
10. I have absolutely no patience. With anything.
11. I have a huge interest in psychology to the point where it's like I go to my psychology class for fun.
12. Last year I had to get stitches on my forehead and inside my top lip.
13. When I hand write something it has to be super neat and tidy otherwise I will write it again.
14. I can't stand people who don't have manners. Especially simple manners like saying please and thank you.
15. I've lived in the same house my entire life.
16. This might be sad but I believe in the quote 'The only time you know if you can truly trust someone or not is when they break your trust'
17. I absolutely love music and can't go very long with out it.
18. I think Alan from the Hangover movies is my favourite ever movie character.
19. I hate all the variations of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters - They take away from the real meaning behind the original.
20. I'm really fussy with putting things near my eyes.
21. I never use public toilets.
22. It annoys me when I see people on their phone while driving or when people don't wear their seat belt.
23. I have a hard time throwing clothes away.
24. One of the things that make me most angry is when someone is in the wrong and they shout at you/act as if it was your fault. Ugh..
25. I love dragonflies.

If you have done this tag too, I'd love to read your 25 things so please leave me a link in a comment to your post!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

NOTD: Essie - School of hard rocks

Since I now have quite a collection of nail polish, I have started to look at swatches of the colours before I decide to buy them to make sure I don't already have anything like it. When I looked online at the swatches of School of hard rocks, I took it to be a very dark teal colour. As as you can see from my picture above though, it looks like a deep forest green colour (which might just be due to the shoddy light/weather right now). 

As it stands, I'm not too sure how much I like this colour but we will see how I go.
Would you wear it?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Essie's Ridge Filler

I’ve been wanting to try OPI’s ‘Nail Envy’ for a while now but while I was recently looking at the £1.99 Essie polishes on Fragrance Direct, I came across Essie’s ‘Ridge Filler’ which was only £2.50 (RRP £10.50). I’ve always had pretty strong nails, which grow fast and that I’ve been happy with but ever since I started to wear nail polish on a regular basis, I’ve started to notice that when I take it off with nail polish remover, my nails sometimes peel a little bit and have also noticed a couple of ridges on my one finger nail, so the ridge filler sounded perfect!

Due to wearing so many different colours on my nails, they have become really stained and the first thing I love about the this product is that after the first time I used it and removed it when I was ready to repaint, I already noticed a difference in the staining of my nails. It doesn’t claim to remove stains but I definitely saw a difference. The second thing is the way it looks on the nail; I would definitely be okay with having just the ridge filler on if for some reason I didn’t get the chance to go ahead and paint them. It makes your nails look whiter and all around just healthier. It also dries incredibly quickly which I something I really like. The product itself is white and depending on how much you apply, depends on how opaque of a base you are left with, which I feel acts in the same way as if you were to paint your nails with an actual white polish to make your nail polish colour ‘pop’.

The only complaint I have with this product is that it is pretty unforgiving on the cuticle area or if you don’t happen to have the best/smoothest skin around your nails. I’m someone who can’t seem to stomach pushing my cuticles back and the thought turns my stomach upside down, so I just leave mine how they are and I’ve noticed this product emphasises any imperfections in this area. This is easily managed though by not painting it too close to the cuticle. Also, I have to mention if you were to buy this hoping for it fix any ridges you have in your nails then I think you might be disappointed since it didn't really seem to make no difference to mine.

Have you used this or OPI's nail envy?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Highstreet picks: Jumpers!

Ever since the weather has started to get cooler, I have become more and more excited about winter fashion and in particular I have been looking forward to getting a few cosy knit jumpers to wear. I'm pretty small and often feel like jumpers that are either oversized or have a chunky knit drown me but I'm determined to find some this year. The highstreet has a huge selection of jumpers in all styles, colours and lengths including trusty old Primark who have a really big selection in store right now.

£28 Dorothy Perkins | £25 Dorothy Perkins | £37 Miss Selfridge | £19.99 New Look | £37 Miss Selfridge | £36 Topshop | £36 Topshop | £38 Topshop | £40 Topshop | £40 Topshop

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Clean and Clear spot treatment gel

I originally decided to buy this because I saw that it contains Salicylic Acid which I heard is good for acne. It claims to reduce spots within 4 hours and to keep spots away if used daily. Honestly, I don't think it really did much of anything for me but so far I've just been using it occasionally when I feel like I need it, so I'm not sure how it works with a more long term use. 

It's a whitish gel which turns clear when you blend it out and has a really nice clean/fresh scent to it. It doesn't dry sticky and instead feels really soft and smooth. 

I'd be interested to hear what you think of this product if you have used it!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

MUA mosaic blush in ' English Rose'

I am someone who is generally a little bit scared of blush; I either think it puts too much colour on my face and looks silly or I think I put it on unevenly and end up with one cheek looking different from the other. However, I heard someone mention this blush and they said that it gives you a pretty subtle (key word subtle) flush to your cheeks and after thinking how pretty it looks when I went into Superdrug to check it out, I decided to give it a go.

MUA's Mosaic blush in 'English Rose' is a pretty mix of neutral brick toned colours with the odd lilac chunk thrown in to mix it up a little bit. 

Depending on how you want it to look, you can focus your brush more on the darker colours to get a more vibrant pinkish flush on your face or you can use the lighter toned parts to get a more natural looking colour or you can simply swirl your brush over the entire thing (which is what I do) to give your self a more subtle flush of colour but also with a pretty natural glow. The colours can look a little frosty when you build them up but personally, since I only use it very lightly I don't find it to be a problem.

I really can't say how much I love this blush. I believe it was around £2.50 from Superdrug but I can't find it on their website - I hope they haven't discontinued it because this is a product I would definitely like to repurchase!

Have you tried this blush?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September 2012 favourites

I'm sorry about the light/quality of this picture!

I didn't really have many favourites during the month of September but the few things that did stand out to me  I really enjoyed (and still am!)

Essie's Ride Filler base / St Ives apricot facial scrub / Balance Me's citrus and spice hand and body lotion / Barry M's raspberry nail paint / Bath and Body Works' body spray in country chic

I will be doing more in depth reviews of some of these products soon!
What were your favourite things during September?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

NOTD Essie - Jamaica me crazy

I don't know about anyone else but I find that when I'm trying to choose a nail polish to buy and there are whole lines of the same colour in various shades (and I'm talking about when there are 10+ bottles of pink polish all varying ever so slightly from each other), I just find myself overwhelmed and I find it very difficult to pick out the one I like the most. This is exactly how I felt while I was standing in front of the Essie stand in Boots. So I tend to gravitate towards the colours that stand out most to me because they aren't grouped with other shades that are basically exactly the same colour.

This is how I came across and decided to buy 'Jamaica me crazy'. It's a beautiful purple colour which has a very deep pink tint to it and has silver micro-shimmer . I like that the shimmer transfers well enough on to the nails that it can be noticed and because it's just a shimmer, it isn't a pain to get off.

What are your favourite Essie polishes that are perfect for Autumn?

Friday, 28 September 2012

NOTD Accessorize - Steel

Now that Autumn is officially here, I have started to pull out my darker nail polish shades, which has been something I've been looking forward to doing for a few weeks now! Today's nail polish is 'Steel' by Accessorize, which is a purple toned grey colour and which has a metallic finish to it. If I'm honest, I don't think I really like this colour on my nails and that may be due to the metallic look it has - I'm not the biggest fan of metallic polishes. 

It took three coats and a white toned base coat to get the opacity shown in the picture and after two days of wear (without a top coat) you can see it is just starting to chip at the ends.

Do you have any polishes from Accessorize?
They have a huge range of colours but I find them to be very hit and miss. 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

NYX Jumbo eye pencils

After hearing so much about these NYX Jumbo eye pencils on YouTube, I couldn't wait to try them out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. I decided to try 'Milk' and 'Cottage Cheese', although they do a total of 28 shades!


Cottage Cheese

The pencils have a creamy consistency which means they can be used as eye shadow or as a base for eye shadow, as well as a highlight for the tear duct area or even as an eye liner. They apply and blend out really nicely, leaving a wash of colour on your skin. 

If the amount of product you see is all that you get, then I think these are a little bit pricey but I've read other reviews which say you can sharpen these pencils but since they're in plastic packaging, I've yet to figure out how! 

These pencils are priced at £4.50 each and now that that NYX is available to buy online in the UK, you can check them out by clicking here.

Have you tried these jumbo eye pencils or anything else from NYX?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Busy bee candles

Over the last few months I have started to really enjoy burning candles, but always seem to get frustrated that the scent doesn't seem to last very long and that I very quickly find that I can no longer smell them. During a recent #bbloggers chat over on Twitter, Gemma from Button's Blog told me about Busy Bee' Candles and how much she liked their wax tarts and so I quickly had a look around on their website and decided to make an order.

Postage from the website is £3.99 and each wax tart is £1.25. They each come individually wrapped in little sealed bags with cute little stickers with the name of the scent on. They arrived very securely packaged, wrapped up in little bundles of bubble wrap. Even though they are completely sealed, you can still really smell them through the little bags. 

The tarts I decided to pick up were: mint choc shock, rum & raisen, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon buns, black cherry, ameretto nog, pink lemonade, gingerbread, lush liquorice, peppermint kisses, sherbet lemon and ginger apple. They also included 'vanilla dream' - I'm not always too fond of vanilla scented things and this wouldn't have been one I would have picked but after smelling it, I think it may become one of my favourites! I also picked up a cute mint coloured wax burner from Sainsburys and some unscented tea lights from Tesco.

I've currently had 'pink lemonade' melting for around two hours and the scent is still very strong and fills the room really nicely. So far I am very pleased with this company!

Wax tarts: Busy bee candles £1.25. Wax burner: Sainsburys £3.50. Tea lights: Tesco £2.00 for 100.

Have you ever tried this company? Which scents would you like to pick up?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Colour Crush: Maroon / Burgundy

Burgundy and Maroon are going two colours that are going to be popular for this Autumn/Winter season and when you look around the High Street you can see the colour popping up just about everywhere. While looking around at the trend on line I decided to pull together some of the pieces and give you a look at what is being offered in this wine coloured shade.

1. Topshop cropped tee - £8.00
2. New Look strapped wedge - £24.99
3. NL Peplum skirt - £16.99
4. New Look skinny jeans - £19.99
5. New Look ankle strap pumps - £17.99
6. New Look tights - £2.99
7. Dorothy Perkins biker jacket - £55.00
8. New Look twist knit heart jumper - £17.99
9. New Look skater dress - £12.99
10. New Look striped jumper - £19.99
11. New Look feather ear rings - £2.99
12. New Look knitted snood - £7.99
13. Rocket Dog wedges - £54.99
14. Accessorize butterfly purse - £16.00
15. New Look open front cardigan - £14.99
16. Essie - Angora Cardi nail polish £7.99

As you can see, most of these items are from New Look, so if you are wanting to add some of this colour into your wardrobe, that's one place you should definitely head too! 

Do you like this colour trend? How will you be adding it to your wardrobe?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Balance Me, citrus and spice.

After my recent blog post reviewing a couple of other products from balance Me, I was contact by them and kindly asked if I would like to test out a couple more of their products. After looking on their website, I was intrigued by their 'Citrus and Spice' line and was very interested in testing out what they were like (and even more interested to see what 'citrus' and 'spice' would blend together to smell like!). 

Citrus and Spice hand and body wash 99% natural RRP £10.25 for 260ml

I haven't used this as a body wash and have instead just been using it to wash my hands. I was worried that with it being made with natural ingredients that it wouldn't lather very well but with two pumps and plenty of water, it lathers really nicely and leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh. I'm someone who is constantly washing their hand and after using this for around two weeks now and haven't found it to be at all drying on my skin.

The main thing I like about this soap is the smell; it smells very strongly of ginger which I really like and I find that I can still smell it quite a while after I've wash my hands. I can't imagine how good this would smell if you were to use it as a body wash in the bath or shower!

Citrus and Spice hand and body lotion 99% natural RRP £12.25 for 260ml

I've so far been using this lotion on my hands and legs and absolutely love it. One thing that puts me off lotions and creams is when they take forever to dry and leave your skin feeling sticky, but this thick and smooth lotion sinks into your skin and dries really quickly leaving it feeling super soft and refreshed.

The scent of this one is a lot different to the soap and smells mostly to me of peppermint, which I again really like and which I think helps add to the refreshed feeling it leaves on your skin. Over the soap this is the product I would be most likely to repurchase, I just love it!

Balance Me is a brand I am becoming more and more interested in and although I have been put off in the past by the scent of a few of their products, the products themselves have not disappointed so far.

If you would like to read more about what balance me say about their citrus and spice line or to look at other products they offer, you can do so by visiting the balance Me website.

Have you tried any of their products? I would love to hear about what you have tried and your thoughts.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Polish, polish, polish.

I was flicking through someone's photos on Facebook recently, when I came across this picture and knew straight away I wanted to use it on my blog somehow. So it inspired to me to write this post..

Over the last couple of years I have fallen in love with nail polish and have managed to acquire myself quite a hefty collection. To be fair to myself though, I don't want every colour; I'm not the biggest fan of blues or greens and when I have two (or three) in almost the exact same shade, I feel slightly guilty. However, my collection keeps growing and although I have recently been on a polish ban to try and use some of the ones I already own up, there are still lots more that I really want!

Anyway, while we're talking about all things nail polish, I am curious about a couple of things:
1. What is your favourite nail polish/colour?
2. Do you have back ups of your favourite ones? If so, what are they and how many of each do you have?
3. How many bottles of polish do you think you currently have in your collection?
4. Which ones do you want to get next?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What's in my travel make up bag?

I recently spent a lovely week in Devon and thought I would write a post about the make up I took with me. On a day to day basis I wear very simple make up, so this isn't going to be the most exciting 'What's in my travel make up bag' you will ever read but I still decided to share it with you. 

 Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation
 Soap and Glory's Thick & Fast mascara, I love this but mine is finally needing to be replaced.
 MUA (now not so clear) mascara which I use to set my eyebrows after I have filled them in.
 Balance Me Rose Otto lip balm
 Revlon lip butter in Cupcake
 L'oreal Caresse lip stick in Tempting Lilac
 Collection lasting perfection concealer which has definitely seen better days now that I have lost the lid!
 Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder
Rimmel eyes hadow quad in 'Smoky Brun', I use the darkest colour from this quad on my eyebrows and the lightest colour as a highlight in the corner or my eyes
Soap and Glory eye liner pencil in black
Real Techniques blush brush
Eco Tools powder brush
Random eye liner brush from Sainsburys
Collection Highlighting concealer
MUA eye liner pencil in brown
MUA mosaic blush in 'English Rose'
Cath Kidston make up bag

Oh, on a side note, I took these pictures on the window sill in the living room of the cottage we rented for the week. I really wish I had a window sill like this! The lighting and space were good for taking pictures which is something I don't have in my own house.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Current Wants!

I recently had a rummage through all of my make up and have decided - on top of my nail polish ban - to not buy any make up for a while, besides things I need, so that I can give some of the products I already own some attention and use some of the products up. This means I am very quickly racking up lots and lots of things that I want to buy.

1. Macadamia hair mask - I have very dry hair and have heard so many good things about the Macadamia range but so far have not used any of their products! 
2. Sleek Pout Polishes in Powder Pink and Perfection Peach (phew, that's a lot of P's!) - I currently have one of Sleek's Pout Polishes in Cadillac Pink and really like it, so I want to try a couple more in different colours.
3. OPI's 'There's nothin' mousie 'bout it' - I don't know why but this polish has got me really interested. I don't usually seem to like polishes with big chunks in the them but the hearts in this polish are so sweet and I'm really interested to see what designs you could make with it!
4. The Body Shop body lotion in Chocomania - I recently smelled these little body lotions in The Body Shop and they smell absolutely amazing! The chocolate ones are the ones I want to pick up next!
5. Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - This is one of the two products on my list I plan to purchase soon as I'm about to finish up the one I'm currently using and don't have any other concealers.
6. Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch concealer - This is another product I plan to get soon as I'm not too in love with the Lasting Perfection one and want to compare this one too it.
7. Real Techniques blush brush - I already own one of these blush brushes but think another one would be useful for different colours blushes.
8. OPI Ridge Filler - I have recently noticed I have a couple of ridges on my finger nails and have heard good things about this ridge filler. I'd be interested to see how it works.
9. Cath Kidston lip balm in Bluebell - I have never used a Cath Kidston lip balm and the bluebell one sounds like an interesting flavour!

What are your current favourites?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

NOTD: Natural Collection's 'Shimmer Pink'

Today's Nail of the day is Natural Collection's 'Shimmer Pink'. I have a few Natural Collection polishes and I have to say, I really like them! They're cheap, they have nice colours and they apply nicely. 

Shimmer Pink is a pink based polish with silver micro glitter in it. This is such an easy and simple colour to wear but the glitter just gives it that extra little something. This one is a little sheer (pictured is four coats) but I was pleased with how it ended up, so for once I didn't mind having to layer it on.

Natural Collection polishes are available in Boots for £1.89.

Do you own any Natural Collection polishes?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wisley RHS Garden

A year or two ago we went to the Butterfly house at Wisley in Surrey, but it was the middle of the winter and freezing cold, so we didn't really look around properly and at the time said we would go back during the summer and on Monday we finally we did.

Wisley belongs to the Royal Horticultural Society and is a huge (and I mean HUGE) open space boasting many collections of beautiful plants, flowers and a huge 'Fruit Field'. There is also a 'Garden under glass' which at certain times of the year houses their butterflies. If you're like me and love taking photos of flowers, then you will love this place. If you're not but would still like somewhere pretty to visit this is a place I would definitely recommend because it is absolutely beautiful!

I took lots of photos while we were there and thought I would share some of them with you.


Have you ever visited Wisley?
If you would like to read more about Wisley or find out information on visiting/prices, you can visit their website by clicking here.