Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Sleek Restorer

Hey! I recently have been trying out a bunch of the new(ish) Garnier Ultimate Blends* hair care range. I got the 'Sleek Restorer' set which is aimed at dry, fizzy hair but there are other a few other sets for different hair types. My set includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and 1 minute treatment but I know some of the other sets include a dry shampoo too.

My by far favourite product from the line is the shampoo. The cocoa butter scent (which runs throughout the line) smells absolutely amazing and I can't actually think of another product that I have recently used which has made my hair as soft and this does. I had high hopes for it since it aims to give you sleeker, softer hair but it completely surpassed my expectations. The conditioner is nice enough too, especially if you are someone who like to always use one but I find I get good enough results from the shampoo alone.

Next is the 1 minute treatment which is exactly what it says it is; put it on your hair, leave for 1 minute and then rinse. Honestly, I could do without this from the range. I don't feel it does anything more for my hair than the shampoo or conditioner does. My hair felt no softer or sleeker than when I use the shampoo alone and this just feels like an extra step when I'm in the shower.

Lastly is the hair oil. I'm usually pretty cautious with hair oils because I'm scared they will leave my hair looking greasy but I love that this is a multi-purpose product and also acts as protection against humidity and a heat protectant. I have used this a couple of times before I straighten my hair, using just a teeny amount each time and I did feel as though my hair stayed smoother and straighter longer than it normally would. It also shares the amazing cocoa butter scent. It also suggests using it as a pre-wash treatment which is what I plan do to next!

If you try anything from this ranger, I would definitely recommend the shampoo over anything else.
Have you tried anything from the Ultimate Blends range?

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