Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Scrub Series: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Bodyscrub

Phew! Exams are over for me now, which means I'm not spending every spare second I have studying and so I thought I would take this chance to finally start a new series on my blog - the scrub series! I have been really enjoying using body (and face) scrubs recently and I thought why not share my thoughts of them all over here on my blog? As you might have guessed from the picture above, I'm starting it off with Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush scrub! 

Sugar Crush has a similar scent to the Sugar Crush body wash just much stronger (in my opinion) which is a pleasant smell of limes and not at all like the typical Soap and Glory scent. It always puts me in mind of the chocolate lime sweets you can get! It's fairly scrub-worthy but it's incredibly thick which I wasn't too keen on. You have to get this wet otherwise it's just far too thick to spread out over your skin and it doesn't lather very well which is something I like from scrub. I also wish it came in a tube (although, I understand why it dosen't being as thick as it is) because I find the tubs really big and getting water in the tub when I go to scoop some out has become a pet peeve of mine!

Do you like Sugar Crush? What are you favourites scrubs? I'd love to know!

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lush Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser

After looking at it almost every time every time I've been into a Lush over the last few months, I decided to finally pick up the Dark Angels face & body cleanser. 

The cleanser smells like mud (not surprising since it contains mud) which at first, I found a bit off-putting but I was willing to look past that if the product itself worked well. Which for me, it didn't..

Directions tell you to mix the mud/charcoal mixture with water to form a paste and then apply it to your skin. It was easy enough to apply and I found it spread out across my skin nicely but it dries incredibly quickly, so if you want to add more to a certain area of your face, the rest underneath is already dry. I then rinsed it off like I would any other face cleanser/product and looked in the mirror to make sure it was all gone. I found that it had sunk into all of the pores on my face making them look huge and dirty (keep in mind this is a black coloured product) and that I had a pretty big black streak along my jaw and up to my cheek. So, overall it left my face looking dirty and dull. I tried to wipe it off with a wash cloth to no avail and it this point I was worried it had stained my skin! I decided to completely re-wash my face with my normal cleanser and luckily it removed it all.

So, pretty disappointing. I guess this would be okay if you are someone who always double cleanses but I wouldn't recommend this if you don't. Now I really wish I had just ask for a sample of this one before I went straight ahead and bought it! 

I gave half of it to my sister to try and she found the same thing happened to her, so I would love to hear if anyone had the same experience with it as we did..?

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NOTD: Seventeen - Bijoux Baby

Hey guys! Today is another polish that I feel is a lot prettier in real life than how it comes across in pictures. I'm not usually ever a fan of the textured polishes that I see pictures of on-line because they always look too grainy and not something I personally like. While this one from Seventeen is grainy, it's not quite as obvious as how it looks in the pictures and from far away, I don't think you'd be able to easily tell that it doesn't have a smooth finish.

Bijoux baby applies really nicely and evenly and dries to leave a super sparkly blush/pink colour on your nails. It feels rough to the touch like textured polished usually tend to do but I found that it chips like crazy and in huge chunks.. I've found after wearing it for just over one full day, it's chipped more than enough to make me want to take it off which is a shame.

Do you like textured polishes? Have you tried any of this range from Seventeen? They're £3.99 in Boots.

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