Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

I've used the Neautrogena wave (after hearing some really good reviews on it) a few times now but I'm unsure whether I love it or not. I thought the easiest way to review this product would be to give you my own advantages and disadvantages so here goes:

+ The size: it's small and easy to hold
+ It comes with a battery which is a nice little added extra and means you can start using straight away
- The pads you use on it already have a cleanser in them and I wish they didn't. There's not enough in them so I add my own anyway but I'd like to just use my own. I also don't like not knowing what is in the cleanser that is already added
- It doesn't lather enough for me, even when I add my own cleanser. I always want to stop and just use my hands
- Refills are around £5.50 for 30 which for me, since I'm not completely in love with this product seems like a lot
+ I do feel like it cleans my face really well but not much different to when I use my hands and it also takes longer
+ It's completely water proof which makes it very easy to clean
+ It comes with 14 pads which is a nice amount to get with it
- The shape and size makes it hard to clean around your nose

I do like this product but I feel like there are also lots of things I don't like about it too.
If you would like to test it our for yourself it's available at both Superdrug and Boots for around ten pounds.

Have you tried the Wave?


  1. Great review! I don't think I'll be trying this. Too many cons, and my hands do a good enough job. It's a shame it wasn' better.

    1. I think I probably prefer using my hands too. This is nice to use every one in a while though. I wish it was better too!

      Chelle x

  2. I had this product and it does work well, but yeah, I would have the urge just to wash my face with my hands! It's habit I suppose! I think it exfoliated more, I would use it again!