Thursday, 25 October 2012

25 things you might not know about me tag!

After seeing so many #bbloggers say how they always enjoy to read 'About Me' pages on blogs and getting to know the person behind the blog, I've wanted to make an about me type of page but then I saw this tag floating around and decided to do it this way instead!

1. I'm a fussy eater. I wish I wasn't but I am.
2. I HATE being late but when I am I refuse to rush and get flustered.
3. I have never dyed or done anything with my hair.
4. I've never really wanted to get married.
5. I didn't finish high school. I have anxiety/panic disorder and had a breakdown when I was 15. This isn't
something I will probably ever talk in detail about on my blog though.
6. One of my favourite places in the world is a town called Redbank in New Jersey.
7. I pretty much live my life by the Desiderata poem  and 'If you compare yourself with others you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be lesser and greater persons than yourself' is one of my all time favourite quotes.
8. I absolutely love cherries and cherry flavoured things.
9. I hate when it rains and the fronts of my jeans get wet.
10. I have absolutely no patience. With anything.
11. I have a huge interest in psychology to the point where it's like I go to my psychology class for fun.
12. Last year I had to get stitches on my forehead and inside my top lip.
13. When I hand write something it has to be super neat and tidy otherwise I will write it again.
14. I can't stand people who don't have manners. Especially simple manners like saying please and thank you.
15. I've lived in the same house my entire life.
16. This might be sad but I believe in the quote 'The only time you know if you can truly trust someone or not is when they break your trust'
17. I absolutely love music and can't go very long with out it.
18. I think Alan from the Hangover movies is my favourite ever movie character.
19. I hate all the variations of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters - They take away from the real meaning behind the original.
20. I'm really fussy with putting things near my eyes.
21. I never use public toilets.
22. It annoys me when I see people on their phone while driving or when people don't wear their seat belt.
23. I have a hard time throwing clothes away.
24. One of the things that make me most angry is when someone is in the wrong and they shout at you/act as if it was your fault. Ugh..
25. I love dragonflies.

If you have done this tag too, I'd love to read your 25 things so please leave me a link in a comment to your post!


  1. We have alot of similarities! hahah I think Iam gonna do this too :D
    hareem xx

  2. I loved reading this! I get annoyed when people don't wear their seatbelt, I won't drive unless everyones got it on haa!
    I've recently done an about me page if you want to have a read - x

    1. It annoys me so bad when I see it! It's such a careless/stupid thing to do.

  3. I did this tag last week if you want to come have a look xx

  4. I'm with you on the Keep Calm and Carry On posters! Love posts like these :D xxx

    1. It just annoys me because of the serious meaning behind the original posters that were put out during the war.

  5. Great post :) I always find these so interesting to read :) I love Alan from the Hangover too :P x

  6. Great post dear,If I find the time I will try to do this tag on my blog as well:)

  7. Ooh this could be the kick-start I need to get back to my blog! Great facts, we've a few similarities! x

    1. I think TAG posts are probably good post fillers when you're stuck on posts to write.. Those and current want posts! :)

  8. great post, I love getting to know the girls behind the blogs :)

  9. You really never use public in, not even the cleanest ones in department stores and things? That must require some effort, haha. I can't say I blame you, I really dislike using them, but sometimes there's no avoiding it :(
    I also hate all those 'Keep Calm' variations, and I am finding them more frustrating by the day - there are still loads of new variations coming out now, and it's kind of been done to death! Maybe the first one or two might have been a novelty for some, but now it's a bit ridiculous.
    And I'm really impatient! I wish I wasn't though, as it just means I get more stressed out about things!
    Sorry to hear what you went through at fifteen hun. Anxiety disorder really sucks and I will never cease to be amazed by how many people I have discovered suffer from this through blogging - in real life, I didn't know anyone else with this problem, and really thought I was just a strange one, so I'm glad to know that's not the case, as well as feeling sad that so many of us have to suffer.
    Hope you're well hun :)
    Mel xx

    1. I don't even remember that last time I went into public toilets.. I will only use them if I REALLY have too. My sister always comments on it but most of the time I haven't needed to go anyway so it's really not a problem for me. I will need to work on it for when I have babies though so I don't pass it on to them!

  10. Thanks for sending me this. I suffer from anxiety too, and I love anything cherry flavoured!
    Totally agree about the Keep Calm posters, I hate them!

    Hopefully I get a few more ideas now and can complete my 50 things tag!

    Jenn | Photojennic